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New Website Launch

We are excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website-!


OFM @ AAPS2015

From October 25 to 29, 2015 the annual conference of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) took place in Orlando. Dr. Frank Sinner presented latest research results from our PK/PD study portfolio.


New FDA Project: toBBB Testing

Following the successful completion of the first FDA-cofunded project (dOFM4BE, 2013-2015), a new cost- and time-saving procedure is being developed to test dermatological generics in a new Project.



  • ISO 13485-Certificate
  • GLP-Certificate
  • CE-Certificate OFM-catheter and equipment
  • CE-Certificate OFM-pump
  • CE-Certificate drainage bag



  • Dermal OFM
  • Cerebral OFM
  • Bioequivalence testing for dermal generics using dOFM


(Conference Presentations) / Poster:

  • AAPS 2015, Oral: OFM to demonstrate bioequivalence of a topically applied drug
  • AAPS 2015, Poster: Dermal OFM is used to sample in psoriatic skin for proteomic analysis after secukinumab treatment
  • AAPS 2015, Poster: Dermal OFM is used to evaluate topical bioequivalence
  • AAPS 2015, Poster: Cerebral OFM is used to monitor substance transport across intact BBB
  • AAPS 2015, Poster: In-vitro release rate test for topical acyclovir products using VDC
  • ESDR 2015, Poster: Characterization of TEWL and Skin Impedance in a Clinical Study Measuring Acyclovir Permeation by Dermal Open Flow Microperfusion
  • SFN 2015, Poster: Impact of local inflammation and blood-brain barrier (BBB) impairment: comparison of In vivo microdialysis and cerebral open flow microperfusion (cOFM) methods for the detection of cytokines
  • CVB 2015, Poster: A new focal EAE model using a permanent cOFM interface

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