Monitoring of drug behaviour after subcutaneous injection

Subcutaneous injection is an important application route for substances from insulin to antibodies. The formation of the liquid depot immediately after injection and the spread of the API are crucial aspects for defining uptake into the blood and therefore pharmaceutical effect as well as potential side effects in the adipose tissue.

Our offer


  • aOFM allows to measure temporal and special spread of the API in the adipose tissue
  • Imaging techniques allow the visualisation of the injected depot in the tissue
  • We provide the data to optimize your injection technology and your injected formulation

Your Benefits


  • Optimized subcutaneous injection provides faster and better defined systemic uptake
  • Data on the microenvironment in the adipose tissue allows new possibilities in the design of injected formulations
  • We provide models from human ex-vivo tissue and animal models up to clinical studies with a consistent research strategy

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